The best investment I have made in myself and my wardrobe was getting Bronny in to sort out my many mistakes and educate me in not making any more of them.  It was like a blind had been lifted.  Realising I had a penchant for brown boots and that I actually didn't need 10 pairs was enlightening as was the fact that even though I loved geometric patterns they actually don't work for me.  Finally understood why I would purchase an item just because I loved it and then it would sit in my wardrobe because when I went to put it on it wouldn't feel right.

Bronnys expertise is obvious when she takes you shopping - her attention to detail, quality of fabrics and keen eye for a bargain cannot be underestimated.  Let alone her eye on how a garment works on your body from the neckline to the length.

The feeling when your wardrobe has been culled and you have some quality investment pieces that actually make you look great is incredible - just like you've lost 10 kilos!!  I cannot recommend Bronnys services highly enough - she understands style and how it works for all body types and colourings.  Best of all she will save you money while you look better than you ever have before.  Last but not least she makes this whole process (which can be daunting -saying goodbye to things you love but don't wear) relaxed and fun.  Her sense of humour and joie de vivre is inspiring.  Do it!  You won't regret it.

Nicole Birrell, Toorak


I’ve been fortunate enough in over 20 years working as a session stylist to be contracted for internationally renowned brands for their campaigns and editorials, working with some of the best creatives in their fields. Bronwyn Fraser is without a doubt on my list as an expert in many fields such as colour theory, fashion and styling. This lady knows her stuff! Her extensive knowledge, professionalism and creative flair make her well respected amongst anyone who has had the privilege to work alongside her. Knowing Bronwyn is an education, as you will inevitably walk away more savvy than when you arrived. She undoubtedly influenced me to further study color theory (which I thank her for). Bronwyn is not one of many in her field… but is one in a million.     

Sue Marshall - Makeup Artist


Working with Bronwyn Fraser has been life changing. 

And it happened kind of by mistake; a friend mentioned in passing what a terrific personal shopping experience she had recently had.  And here I was – someone who absolutely hates shopping, only ever doing it under duress, desperation or my poor husband can no longer cope with the “I don’t have anything to wear” conversations.

So to say I was nervous about embarking on this was an understatement. 

Yet from the start, Bronwyn was empathetic, smart, kind, and without a doubt has changed the way I look at clothes and myself. 

I started with a wardrobe consultation and colour analysis.  We then had a personal shopping session to build the right foundations.  And now we catch up regularly (couple of times a year – seasonally or for special occasions) to shop.  My confidence has increased to a level that I can even tackle the shops myself if really get the urge (ok it doesn’t happen much – but then why would I with Bronny just a phone call away…)

The point is – I feel better about myself, I get compliments on how I look and my beautiful husband also is thrilled with my new confidence and no more staring at my wardrobe together trying to choose something to wear…. J
So huge thanks to Bronwyn – she is so special and you must do this for yourself too – it really is unbelievable.

Barbara Jeffcoat - Melbourne


I have known Bronwyn for more than 10 years, we first met whilst working backstage together at the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, and this led to us collaborating on many more events and also our professional and personal friendship. Her knowledge for style and colour is second to none. Her love for fashion and sense for what looks great and what doesn't works really well in helping others update their personal style and wardrobes too. Bronwyns lovely personality is not intimidating and I can thoroughly recommend that by engaging her styling services you’ll enjoy the experience and the positive change her expertise brings.

Nigel Stanislaus – Makeup Artist


Think a stylist is a luxury you can't afford or don't need? I did, until I worked with Bronwyn Fraser. Now I don't want to shop without her.

Bronwyn’s expertise pays for itself. The three sessions of colour analysis, wardrobe management and personal shopping and styling I have had with Bron have revitalised my wardrobe and life. And the time and money I have saved – through her introduction of hitherto-unknown or untried beauty lines and fashion labels, colours and dressing principles, as well as her honest, expert guidance – have paid for her fees. No more costly mistakes through buying garments that don't suit, don't work and aren’t worn.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and kept every garment, accessory and make-up product I have bought with Bron, and have received many compliments on my new items. Having the safety net of her expertise with me on shopping expeditions has given me confidence to express myself more fully in my choices, which has been rewarding.

Bron has been unfailingly cheerful, generous, professional and fun at our face-to-face sessions, and has also provided invaluable and timely remote advice when needed – via email, phone and SMS.

For both men and women ­– of all budgets and levels of style awareness – I highly and unreservedly recommend Bronwyn Fraser's services.

Nicole, Southbank


Whilst working in the beauty and fashion industry in Melbourne over many years, I have worked with Bronwyn on a variety of events and shoots. With a career history in both hair and make-up, she has an innate understanding and appreciation of colour which also translates in her styling work.  She herself has great style and passion, and is always a pleasure to be around. Her knowledge is inspiring.

Kim Tavares - Hair and Make-up Artist


To say that process of personal shopping with a stylist is a joyful experience is truly an understatement. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bron on a couple of occasions when in need of a few new items for my work wardrobe.

I love fashion and enjoy shopping, but often haven’t found what I’m looking for and have left disheartened and frustrated. However, when you work with a professional and they’ve “pre shopped” for you, know what’s on trend, and what works with your body shape and personality, the hard work is taken out of it. You can just focus on finding items that not only work with your budget, but make you feel fantastic!

When it came time to find my wedding dress last year, it was a no brainer for me to work with Bron again to find it.

I wanted to look like me on my wedding day which meant that I didn’t want a cookie cutter, strapless, white dress and I didn’t want the experience of trying on a million styles to find “the one”. Bron understood my brief immediately and within a very short time she recommended a local Melbourne designer (Nicolangela) who not only makes dresses for real women with shape, but could 100% customise my dress to suit my skin colouring. Needless to say, I only tried on two dresses and only went to the one shop for my ultimate wedding dress.

I can’t recommend Bron highly enough, and am thankful to have had her expertise and fashion knowledge to help me over the past few years.  

Emma Williamson, Caulfield


I first met Bronny at a professional women's networking event where she was a guest speaker. I was so impressed I booked her services to conduct a style and grooming afternoon for my events team at the time, as they were young and inexperienced, and interacted face to face with our high profile clients. We spent a very informative and fun afternoon learning about our individual colouring, makeup and hair, and appropriate dressing for our work and client functions. The next day I could already see a huge change in the team’s overall grooming and appearance, as well as posture and confidence.

I now book Bronny for my personal styling. I know that I can count on her to step in and help me when I am working 12-hour days and have very little time to look after my appearance. It is a huge relief, and it means I can concentrate on everything else knowing she will be in charge of my look and do an absolute excellent job at it.

Bronny knows that when I am too busy I may only have a couple of hours to spare, and they are the most productive hours of my day! She can get so much done in so little time it is almost a miracle. I trust her advice; she knows what works and what doesn’t. It is a pleasure when I have more time and we can take it easy and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Bronny is lovely, intelligent, and has the best eye for fashion trends, but also understands what works in the real world and the constraints of each sector and profession. Time with Bronny is a great investment and a wonderful experience.

A Private Client, CEO, Not for Profit Organisation- Melbourne


It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Bron from Style Establishment.

Firstly, I have to say having the opportunity to have Bron ‘be my stylist’ as a special gift from my husband, was one of the best things I have ever done.

My experience involved a detailed information session to identify my body shape, best colours, not only for clothing but also make-up and hair, and many other useful tips around getting the best look possible…. for me.

Once all this was established, Bron then went through my wardrobe identifying what was ideal and what needed to go. Bron also gave advice on possible outfits showing me various alternatives with what I had. From here, together we established what was missing in my wardrobe that would only enhance it. A list was made, Bron researched the shops previously and we then went shopping together. The experience was very productive as we not only came home with the items on the list but other things that Bron showed me that she felt would suit me. I have to say, I felt fantastic and learnt so much about what I should be wearing and the look I should be adopting.

Bron’s professionalism stood out. She is knowledgeable in her craft and has a warm and genuine disposition when executing the styling process. As a result I found the experience not confronting as her relaxed manner instantly felt like you were operating as a team. She certainly made it ‘all about me’ which was a delightful touch, and something I gained not just a lot of pleasure from but a new level of confidence.

Robyn Stewart- Gold Coast


Thank you so much for a wonderful morning [extending well into the afternoon] shopping at Chadstone.

It is reassuring to be guided by someone with such great personal style and fashion expertise.

I love everything that I bought today.  I know that I will wear and enjoy all the items and that they will not be left in the wardrobe unworn, as has happened in the past. 

They are all perfect for my lifestyle. I feel that I have saved as much as I have spent.

Thank you, too, for giving me the extra time and making sure that all my questions were answered. I really appreciate you being so generous.

I look forward to seeing you again. I promise I will consider more colour next time.

Kindest Regards



In my career it is rare to come across people with true talent, or people I would call upon for advice or inspiration, but Bronwyn Fraser is all the above. Her knowledge in the field of colour, style and fashion is outstanding and her comprehensive expertise in colour theory formed an integral part of her contribution to my books “Makeup, The Ultimate Guide” and “Express Makeup”.

Rae Morris - Make-up Artist

In the past people would comment that I was a ‘good dresser’, or ‘I look like I spend a lot of money on clothes’. Working in a corporate environment meant I did spend on my suits, but they were getting very boring! I wanted to remain sophisticated yet more funky and different. It’s now been a month since we shopped and sorted out my best colours and styles, so I wanted to share the comments people have been making about my look; “Wow, you look great today, very funky dress, love those boots, have you lost weight, there’s something different about you, love your necklace (didn’t say it cost only $15!), you look amazing!”

I couldn’t believe that some of the clothes people commented on I have been wearing for years! It was your creative ability to put pieces together and accessorise that made me more confident to be more stylish in both a corporate setting and socially.

I’ve already saved money by not buying clothes that I already have, and only shopping when I have my Colour Swatch with me as I now understand how much colour can impact my look.

After shopping with you I returned home to show off our purchases to my partner Anthony, he honestly sat there with his mouth open looking at me. At first I thought he was thinking of the money I had spent, but he then said I looked amazing and that he felt he really needed to clean up his act in the dress department! After my transformation, I knew you could do it for him too and one shopping trip later, a new, funky, stylish man appeared. When I commented on his whole new demeanour, he told me you had given him the self-confidence to know he looked good.

We both agree you have made a significant difference in our ability to feel confident in ourselves.

Thank you,

Kylie Henderson-Brisbane


I have never taken the time to assess what clothes I buy, whether the colour suits or whether I am buying styles that work for me. I have always purchased clothes to suit an immediate need.

Bronwyn has dramatically shifted my thinking in reassessing my wardrobe and shopping habits.

I now know what colours, styles and lengths work best and now look to my wardrobe with a greater sense of strategy and confidence thanks to Brons expertise and help.

Michael Cleghorn